Miriam Zoll

Picking Up the Pieces – A Workshop for People Recovering from Fertility Treatments

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Miriam is the author of Cracked Open: Liberty, Fertility and the Pursuit of High Tech Babies, an eye-opening memoir of coming of age with the opportunities afforded by the women’s movement and new reproductive technologies. In her book, Miriam writes about the trauma of her four failed IVF cycles (one miscarriage) and two donor egg attempts in which both donors were diagnosed as infertile.

In Picking Up the Pieces, Miriam creates a sacred space to honor and bear witness to women and men who have engaged in fertility treatments. She combines writing, art, yoga and meditation to facilitate a safe environment for participants to share their stories, grieve their losses, and embrace their next phase of life.

Read Miriam's short story “Confetti Love” - a story about a couple grappling with the issues of failed IVF.

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