Miriam Zoll

A Personal Development Workshop for People In Transition

Miriam Zoll

Miriam blends her talents as a writer, senior level strategic consultant and yoga instructor into a dynamic personal development workshop that helps individuals align their personal and professional lives. Miriam facilitates a six-part workshop that enables participants to clarify their goals, engage their minds and bodies, and initiate the strategic steps needed to shift their lives.


People of all ages need time to reflect.

Whether you are just beginning a career, finding the need to create a new one or searching for new purpose, PAUSE provides a framework for creating the clarity you need to begin making important life changes.


For many people, the idea of embarking on a new life path conjures up anxiety and other forms of stress that can shut the body down. When the body contracts, so does the mind, rendering us in a static condition. In short, we feel paralyzed.

This is why the PAUSE workshop is so valuable.

PAUSE provides a safe space that supports the processes of deep and meaningful transition to occur. It integrates group dynamics, yoga, meditation, journaling and other creativity exercises to help you understand what blocks your physical, intellectual and creative impulses and aspirations. Together we will reframe a new notion of success that balances and aligns your personal, creative and professional desires into one streamlined life.

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